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Picolla Gun

The Picolla Gun is a specialized gunite machine used for Specific API 936 Applications.



Pump Machine

Pumping is utililzed when the installation of a massive volume of refractory castable is required.  This is accomplished with the use of Clayburn's Pumping Equipment.



Shotcrete Gun

Shotcreteing is utilized when installing large volumes of material in the vertical & horizontal position with the use of Clayburn's Shocrete Equipment.



Brokk Demolition Unit

Demolition is a large component of a refractory repair and can be completed in a safer manner with the use of Clayburn's Specialized Tearout Equipment.


Hobart Mixer

A Hobart Mixer for the mixing of Specialized Refractory Castable.  Complete with Stainless Steel mixing paddles the Clayburn's Hobart Mixer is an extremely versatile tool.



Piccola GunPump & Shotcrete Machine
Shotcrete Nozzle
Brokk Machine
Hobart Mixer


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