corrosion resistant linings

The Corrosion resistant lining systems we can supply and install are:

Ceramic Linings - Acid resistant brick & tile
Monolithic Linings - Trowel and spray applied coatings and membranes
Fortified Mortars & Grouts - resin based chemical resistant mortars, polymer modified chemical resistant grout

Areas of Application:

  • Tower Linings
  • Process Chests, Pits & Tanks
  • Storage Tanks
  • Containment Areas & Containment
  • Chem Prep Flooring
  • Sewer Trenches & Sumps
  • Water, Waste Water & Effluent Treatment
  • Concrete Restoration
Acid Resistant Lining BEFORE - Bleach Washer AFTER - Bleach Washer

Bricklayer installing acid brick lining system in vessel.

BEFORE - Bleach Washer where corrosion has eaten through the existing wall.

AFTER - Bleach Washer with newly installed corrosion resistant lining.

Corrosion Brick Lining BEFORE - Chemical Containment AFTER - Chemical Containment

Acid Brick Floor in a Chemical Preparation Building

BEFORE - Chemical Containement

(Deteriorated Concrete)

AFTER - Chemical Containment

Polymer modified chemical resistant grout.

Chemical Resistant Coating

Chemical Resistant Coating

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